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Where i can watch the show on the 31st?

You can watch the show by clicking this (link to be updated)

Where to find us?

Place Nordique takes place in Old Montreal, on Place Jacques-Cartier.
R ^ ver e_semble, the New Year's Eve show, is available online.

From what age can you access Merry Montreal?

Merry Montreal is a family event open to everyone.

Will there be things for sale (food, alcohol, etc.) on Place Nordique?

No. We urge you to encourage nearby businesses if you need anything.

Can I bring my own alcohol to Place Nordique?

No. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages on public streets.

From what age can you access Merry Montreal?

Activities related to Merry Montreal are free.

Are there parking lots nearby?

Yes, there are several paid parking lots available in Old Montreal.

Place Nordique est-elle accessible en transport en commun ?

Place Nordique is easily accessible by metro via the Champ-de-Mars and Place-d'Armes stations.